Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Review on Other Blog Shop.

Assalamualaikum viewers...

On our today task , we have been asked to review on other blog shop. What we going to do are to make comparison ; on strength and weaknesses. Two other blog shops will be reviewed by us. They are MJ Accessories and Butik Gadis.


Strength :
  • MJ Accessories did a lot of promotion in term of joining the festival or any occasion by opening their booth at the event.
  • The owner of the blog shop good in dealing with the customers as the customers know well about the product. In fact they are close to each other as the opening booth on events that participated by the owner.
  • It has variety products that can fulfill the customers satisfaction.

Weaknesses :
  • The arrangement of the blog is messy and too pack. Hard for viewers to see the price and the description of the product.
  • The pattern of the accessories is too common. 

Rate :

  Butik Gadis ( ) :


Strength :
  • The necklace pattern is up to date and have their own style that can attract buyers.
  • The blog have variety product to sell and very interesting.
  • Instead,the blog is practical and easy to handle.

Weaknesses :
  • The Butik Gadis do not have much choices for necklace. It is also do not restock the necklace that have been sold out.
  • The blog shop also poor in do the promotion for the accessories product.
  • The blog so dull and too simple as well as not interesting. 

    Rate :

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Item : Necklace
Code Item : U10
Price : RM 15
Status : SOLD

Any reservation can be made on the below order form or you can simply mail us your inquiries. Thank you.

Do like our way ; DARE TO BE DIFFERENT


Item : Necklace
Code Item : U09
Price : RM 15
Status : SOLD

Note : Let us know if you want the same item and pattern so that we can restock the item. Thank you.

Any reservation can be made on the below order form or you can simply mail us your inquiries. Thank you.


Item : Necklace
Code Item : U08
Price : RM 15

Any reservation can be made on the below order form or you can simply mail us your inquiries. Thank you.


Item : Necklace
Code Item : U07
Price : RM 15
Status :SOLD

Any reservation can be made on the below order form or you can simply mail us your inquiries. Thank you.

What is your flavor?

Weee... we meet again in our education section. Tralalalalala... As we are student so the process of learning keep on  running as usual. Actually, we are learning all the time. You will lose nothing by learning.

Our topic for today is : Popular Items To Sell Online

  1. Clothing and Accessories. This include shawl, underwear, tops, jeans, skirts, necklace, brooch and etc.
  2. Household furnishings, Decor, or Antiques. Antiques and unusual items rule this group, so don't ever fall into the trap of thinking that something is too retro, too kitschy, or to ugly for eBay. The more unique, or interesting the item, the better it can potentially do.

  3. No-Longer-Used Consumer Electronics. It can be your phone, MP3 player, camera or etc. If the item works, includes all necessary accessories ( charger, cables, and the like ) and is in reasonably good condition, it's a candidate for eBay selling. Just be sure not to get your hopes too high about price as the values reduce in a large amount. You might don't want lose your customer.

  4. Your Hobby or Craft Items. Not everybody born with special gift or talented. You might have the creativity or the super duper cool hobby that can generates income. Handmade goods that show skill and workmanship often draw top ringgit and loyal collectible crowd on eBay. It can be greetings card, knitted stuff, craft or kind of.

  5. Books. This can be one of the hot item to be sell on eBay. The books especially college text book. If you are a student or teacher and interested in selling used or unneeded text books then eBay is the best place for you. 

Learning Tips on E-Bay

Hello peeps!

We are seems to be so shy and silence right. we are no longer to keep silence. Why? Because we want to share something with our next door online shop as well as improve our sales skills. Wah!!! Hehehehe...

Okay, firstly you should ask yourself whether are all stuff that exist in the world can sell through online? For example, is it possible to sell 'nasi lemak' on online? will be possible if you are taking orders from customers for some events. I mean like during the festive season or any ceremony. Next, curry powder or tomato sauce. Is it possible? Haaa...see! Now we know that not all things are suit to be sell online. Make it possible and ridiculous.

To make it your business grow, what you should do are :

  • Is it the products durable?
  • Whether theproducts can be post or not?
  • Whether it is unique to be sold?
  • To whom you want to sell the products?
  • How do you want to sell the products?
Haaa...have you done with this checklist? I'm sure you are not. The 'must-do' list is :

"Analysis yourself ( the seller ) , Market and Buyers"

and the most important thing is :

"Are you able to sell it?"

If you done with those matters, so you are prepare to be online entrepreneur. We are not saying you, you or you are not good enough to be business online entrepreneur. But, we want to share some tips and tricks while you doing your online business.

Like we use to say " Sharing is Caring". May our entri can help you to improve your business guys 

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Panorama on UiTM Pahang, Campus Jengka (Pt1)

Fuhhh... its weekend again! Such a great moment for us! We are now counting the day to officially open our business. There are many items waiting for you guys out there. Can'y wait for that either! Hope what we serve to you is something that you like it too. No worries boys, your item are being counted too. Like we said before, we strive for both gender :)

Okay, stop mumbling now. No need to say a lot of things. Make it short, clear and happening now! As you are not here so we want you to explore yourself how our campus is look alike. Maybe you want to come here once you had the great time with us.

We want to bring you guys into our UiTM world at Jengka. Let's begin peeps ! ! ! "Masa untuk mencuci mata untuk semua !"

Student's College

  • Student's residents consist of three buildings which are Kolej Siswa, Kolej Siswi and Kompleks. For female students they will be placed at Kolej Siswi and Kompleks. Meanwhile, for male students they will be placed at Kolej Siswa.

Admin Building

  • Admin Building consist of HEA ( Hal Ehwal Akademik ) and HEP ( Hal Ehwal Pelajar ). It is a place for student to refer at about their study or academics affair. It was located at the main entrance of UiTM Jengka.


  • They are so many facilities provided by UiTM such as library, parking lot, cafe, koperasi, medical centre and many more. For non-resident student, they can get bus service if they don't have any transport. In fact, there is also Van Koperasi service that can send or take them form one place to another place which cost them only RM1.00.
  • The Library; Perpustakaan Al-Bukhari operate from 8am to 11pm on weekdays and 9am to 11pm on weekend. Now, the new library is in progress to be open for student. In front of the library, they a place call Taman Tenet. It is like a park. Most of the students go to the Taman Tenet for group discussion or any occasion they like to.

Lecture Hall

  • They are many lecture hall in UiTM Jengka such as Block I and J, Dewan Kuliah 1 and 2, Dewan Al-Farabi, Dewan Ibn-Hazm, Dewan At-Tabari, Cendana Block, Makmal, Factory, Ilqam and so on. This is due to accommodate fairly facilities to the students at UiTM Jengka.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


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Item : Necklace
Code Item : U06
Price : RM 15
Status : SOLD

Any reservation can be made on the below order form or you can simply mail us your inquiries. Thank you.

Okies dokies... That's all for tonight. There will be more item to upload. Just wait for the next extra ordinary stuff. Like we said ; Dare To Be Different


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Item : Necklace
Code Item : U05
Price : RM 15

Any reservation can be made on the below order form or you can simply mail us your inquiries. Thank you.


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Item : Necklace
Code Item : U04
Price : RM 15
Status : SOLD

Any reservation can be made on the below order form or you can simply mail us your inquiries. Thank you.


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Item : Necklace
Code Item : U03
Price : RM 15
Status : SOLD

Any reservation can be made on the below order form or you can simply mail us your inquiries. Thank you.


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Item : Necklace
Code Item : U02
Price : RM 15

1. Available
2. Available

We are having this item for two. Any reservation can be made on the below order form or you can simply mail us your inquiries. Thank you.


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This is long necklace with extra adorable pendant. Each pattern we only get one piece. Early birds only can get this cute necklace. 'siapa cepat, dia dapat'

Item : Necklace
Code Item : U01
Price : RM 15
Status : SOLD
Note : Let us know if you want the same item and pattern so that we can restock the item. Thank you.

Any reservation can be made on the below order form or you can simply mail us your inquiries. Thank you.

Make It Different Then

Hello peeps. Sunday will be over in couple of hours from now. Hurmmm... kinda boring huh?! Aren't you? We? Let us cheer you up. May we? Ngeee ~ ~ ~ 

No Sweat like Kotex , Kita-Kita Aje like Astro Ceria , It Won't Let You Down like Rexona , Lagi Best like Myvi 2011 and... okay, enough!

We are now want you to be more attractive and phat FANTABULOUS enough in order to make your day more colorful! We will started with the boy stuff and followed by girl stuff!

Dare To Be Different! 

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Thank You Peeps !

Yeayyy ! ! ! We are very grateful and happy today. Even you may say its nothing but to me it is something that should be proud of! What huh?! Hurmmmmm... Let us check out together.

See! On the Followers site! We are now having our potential buyers as well as great followers. Thanks for them. We hope we can get more in future. Yet, we will give you more, more and even more than your expectations :)  Thanks dearest followers. 

We now a step forward to Officially Open! Just wait and see our item to be appeared on. You won't be regret. We are welcome you buyers and customers. Lots of love from us! The EF Team.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Reviews on UiTM Pahang, Jengka Campus

In order to completed our task for this week, we want to share with you opinion of people towards UiTM Pahang, Jengka Campus. We had interviewed several people to completed our interview session as well as question and answer.

Here are some of the respondent that review on our Q & A :

Muhammad Nayan Bin Muhammad Jusoh
Residence Staff, Kolej Siswi

His comments on UiTM :
  • UiTM Pahang residents are not bound with strict rules.
  • Students are free from stress and pressure on study and external environment.
  • Conducive environment to study ; students enjoy and easily to go to class.
  • UiTM is the best university as it is open only for Bumiputera.

 Azelan Shah Bin Mansor
Polis Bantuan at UiTM

His comments on UiTM :
  • UiTM is the only university that provided MDAB ( Mengubah Destiny Anak Bangsa ) program. 
  • It's help Malay poor people that has potential to success in future on their education.
  • In fact, they will be given subsidies to survive at UiTM.
  • UiTM prioritizing the Malay people especially who lived at rural area.

 Cik Zaidatul Nadiah Binti Abu Yazid
Lecturer at UiTM

Her comments on UiTM :
  • UiTM Pahang is one of the university that provide facilities to people.
  • UiTM Pahang also having good and education environment in the rural area.

 Wan Asma Najwa Binti A.Rahman
Student at UiTM

Her comments on UiTM :
  • UiTM Pahang having such a conducive environment for study.
  • The facilities provided for students are also in a good condition and enough for them to use it.
  • Most of the lecturers are seniors as well as come from the industries. This make students easier to understand the particular subject more details as the lecturer got a lot of experiences and  information. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Okay, since you guys already get a clear image about us now we are proceed to the next level which are about our terms and conditions. In order to give benefits and win - win situation to the both parties, we are trying to reduce any risks as well as be fair to all our customers. 

In fact, eliminate any misunderstanding and distraction that may occur during we are doing our business. We hope we can satisfy our customers equally to bring happiness while you shop with us. We serve with our heart and love. Enjoy shopping.

  • Our business is centered on the land of UiTM Pahang, Malaysia. 
  • All item sell are brand new unless it is stated pre-love or etc.
  • Any sold item cannot be return or refund back. 
  • Reservation can be made through our shoutbox or e-mail.
  • Reservation can be made only for three ( 3 ) days only. If there is no payment made within the three days ( started date is on the day of reservation been made ) the reservation will be canceled.
  • We allow you to cancel any reservation been made. But then do tell us early so that we can open and give chances to other customers. ( No worries... we won't eat you if you cancel the item on reservation. Hehe )
  • We are use the "First Come First Serve" basis as well as "Early Birds" service.
  • Since we are full time students, so we only post your parcel / item on Tuesday and Friday ( if your delivery method is via post ). 
  • Any damages or loss during the delivery on your parcel is not our responsibility.
  • We are welcome serious buyer. Please, no back out buyer here! Thanks for co-operation. 
  • Payment can be made through :   and  
  • Account number will be given after reservation been made. This is due to precaution and safety reasons.
  • Once payment had been made do mail us the transaction information at
  • All notifications are via e-mail. Please note. Thank you.
  • Any questions or concerns please contact us through our e-mail.
  • Any changes will be notified as soon as possible to the customers.
  • We assume you ( customers ) have been reading all the terms and conditions once you post the order form.

UiTM Pahang, Bandar Pusat Jengka


Main Campus in Bandar Pusat Jengka

The ground breaking ceremony of the estimated RM26 million permanent campus for ITM Cawangan Pahang was done by the Menteri Besar Y.B. Dato Seri Haji Khalil Yaakob on 22 August 1988. The state government of Pahang had allocated 1000 acres of land in Bandar Pusat  Jengka, in the Maran district, to be the site for the permanent campus to be built. The campus was built in two phases, the initial phase to accommodate 2500 students and eventually the campus, with its full facilities and infrastructure, to be able to accommodate 4500 students. The land allotment for the campus was divided into a 60:40 ratio, whereby 40 percent of the land would go for development areas, whereas the remaining 60 percent would be utilized for agricultural purposes.
The construction of the new site started in 1988 and amidst the economic crisis which saw the project halted for awhile, was finally completed in 1992.  The gradual transfer of UiTM Pahang from Kuantan to Jengka was completed in 1993, thus marking a new era in its history.
On the 13 August 1996, the campus was officially declared as another branch of ITM. The new campus was officiated by then Minister of Education Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak. The presence of Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak to officiate the ceremony was of great significance as he had officiated the first temporary campus in Kuantan in 1986 and ITM was indeed the brainchild of his late father Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak.
During his speech, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak informed about the future corporatization of ITM in an effort to become a global player in the education industry. Despite the fact that ITM was only an institute, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak said that ITM could award first degrees right up to doctor of philosophy, making it a unique institution. He added that the development of ITM marked the emergence and assurance of the nobility and dignity of the Malays. He further added that the education provided by ITM was well received, as the graduates from the institution were well accepted by the job market. This was the result of its streamlined focus in developing graduates who would meet the demand of the job market.

City Campus in Kuantan

Even after the opening of the main campus in Bandar Pusat Jengka, the city campus in Kuantan remained a campus thriving with academic activities. In 1995 due to the ever increasing demand for tertiary education among the local bumiputeras, particularly for part time study programs, the Bukit Sekilau facilities were open for its first enrolment.

City Campus in Raub

The rapid expansion of UiTM Pahang was further celebrated when in 1997, its second city campus was opened in Raub,Pahang. The campus was initially housed in a temporary building near Raub’s Courthouse.  In January 2002, the campus was moved to a new building, near Raub’s town centre. The focus of ITM Raub City Campus is to cater for the bumiputera community in West Pahang (Raub, Lipis and Bentong) by providing Out-Campus Study,Full-Time Study, Distant Education, Short Courses (IT related) and English Language Courses.

Source : UiTM Pahang

Logo and Song


The University Logo

The logo incorporates four main colors:
  • Dark Blue shows the maturity of an institute of higher learning, which offers different levels of study.
  • Purple symbolises excellence in global knowledge.
  • Yellow represents the sovereignty of the Malay kings and the struggle of the Malays in an effort to take the national education towards excellence.
  • White shows the sacred and pure knowledge offered to the students.
The overall shape of the logo maintains the original shape in order to retain the identity of UiTM as the font of knowledge.




Wujudmu di sini di tanah anak merdeka
Bagai obor ilmu memayungi putra-putrinya
Pelopor hidup, budaya bangsa, agama, negara
Pembentuk akhlak manusia agar jadi sempurna
Ku yang melangkah ke sini ingin mempelajari
Rahsia di muka bumi dengan cara hakiki
Tunjukkan aku jalan ilmuMU untukku menuju
Destinasi cita-cita negara dan bangsaku
Majulah bangsa
Maju negara
Berkat usaha jaya MARA
Kami berikrar akan berjasa
Hingga kita Berjaya...demi bangsa
Watikah yang ku miliki kan ku semat di hati
Janjiku pada pertiwi untuk menabur bakti
Ku sempurnakan seikhlas hati membela negara
Doa restu ayah bonda ku untuk mu semua
UiTM...Usaha Taqwa Mulia


Bersatu kita warga UiTM
Kita bangsa perkasa
Taat dan setia ku untuk negara
Penuh semangat waja
Jangan mudah terlupa
Pengorbanan perjuangan anak bangsa

Jangan mudah terleka
Kemajuan keamanan yang ada
Berterima kasih
Pada pemimpin-pemimpin negara

Rasa penuh bersyukur
Kerahmatan, kemuliaan dariNya
Pendokong, pewaris bangsa
Pendaulat, bangsa Malaysia
Warga berwawasan
Untuk negaraku

Source : UiTM Website