Wednesday, 24 August 2011

It is not only about Malay, Chinese and Indian...

Remember on our last entry? We were told you that we need to complete a task which need us to make a video. The video overall was about 1 Malaysia. Since it was general so we decided to make it smaller in terms of the 1 Malaysia scope.

People might say that 1 Malaysia concept is the unity of Malays, Chinese and Indians races in Malaysia. But! Don't you remember that Malaysia is one of the unique country where it got the multi-races live in it. What about Bidayuh? Kadazan? Murut? Iban? and others.

The 1 Malaysia concept combine all races and ethnicity that got in Malaysia. So that No matter whether you are Sabahan or Sarawakian or former Peninsular people, we are still one! Do support the ideas that given by our Prime Minister in order to make us strong as a family in a country.

Now, it is time for you guys to enjoy our work. As we are armature so the video wasn't bombastically been made. But, we still got the effort to give you the best among the best [!]. Happy watching peeps :)

PS: Do wait for more tips and tricks from us.

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