Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Promotion during Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum...hello peeps.. we had finished our presentation just now. We were talked about Organizational Structure. Nervous? Everybody were shacking! Hahahaha :D

Forget about that. There is new new and new promotion that we want to share with you. Since we had fasting for three days so here is our promotion. Of course it is related with food. Ngeee ~ ~ ~ 

Remember our last entry about we wanted to sell the cookies? Nope? Do refer this and see ( click here please... ) Now you have get the view right? So we wanted to say that there will be discount on that item. What item? Cookies la meyh ~ ~ ~

See! We had packed it nicely and yummy. Well well the price before was RM10 now we are going to discount it! 

Now it is RM3.00 ! ! ! must be extremely shock! We either (>_<)v We already sold it among students and all testimonials said that the tasted likely The Famous Amous one! Hehehe...we are not to be proud but then we already did it. Hihihihihi  ---> bongkak lebih. Tak baik tau!

So another promotion are :

  •  1 Pack = RM3.00
  • 60 Pieces = RM25

  • From RM15.00 to RM12.00

How generous we are. No no just we wanted to build strong relationship with our customers and rewarded them with a nice and lovely things. 

Wait! It is not done yet. Since it is Ramadhan a.k.a fasting month so it will be great if we share some information with you. Some of you may know and some of you may still blurr or might some of you didn't know. Hope with this info it will generate another information for you.

Niat Puasa :

Doa Berbuka Puasa :

Selamat Berpuasa Kawan-Kawan ! ! !

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