Sunday, 31 July 2011

Module during weekend

Assalamualaikum peeps. How's your sahur? ( Are you full enough? Hehe ) Well, don't be surprised while you read this entry. Yes, it was been posted after we had our sahur. What to tell? A lot of stories but we will make it short for you guys.

Okies last week on weekend all part 5 students had module to be attended. It was be held for two days ; Saturday and Sunday. This activity were compulsory for all UiTM students or else you had to repeat this module or you just cannot grad. Can you see how big the impact is if you just not attend this module?

On Saturday we had activity LDK which means Latihan Dalam Kumpulan. We had been grouped earlier and yes we were in different group. This is the time for us to make friends actually but then yela...Rakyat Malaysia pemalu orangnya. But then we used with it after few hours we had been in the group. Even we were in different group but then the activity just same where the facilitator had asked us to draw. Wahhhh...kindergarten time friends! We had been asked to draw with our left hand if we were wrote with our right hand and vice versa. Hahahaha...of course our drawing was like... What the hack? Ngeeee

Second session we had did the job application and resume writing. This was due to exposed us with the real working world. How to apply the job and how to write the best, perfect and nice resume. Well, the best way is you should create your own resume which make it different like others. For sure you have to make it clear and easy to read and still look nice and superb. For more information you can surf the net and open the website.

The third session for the day was about how the interview being conducted. Yes, we did it. Of course it is not in a formal way but then the situation just same like what everybody will face when they go for interview. We had combine with other groups and three students had been pointed out to do the interview. It was quite funny actually. The activity was ended by 2:00PM. It supposed to be ended at 3:00PM actually but then... biasa la tu kan... Ngeee ~ ~ ~

On Sunday we had talk about Kerjaya...hurmmm ( forget what the real tittle is ) but then its all about carrier. The speaker of the day was Encik Haji Mohd Nazri. He was one of the lecturers at UiTM Pahang. He is teaching Marketing subject for business students. He was so attractive and brilliant! In fact we had been amazed by his performance as he's so talented. This is not a joke man. You should go for his session as he's quite famous ---> we just realize this yesterday actually. Hehehehe... The session was ended at 11:00AM. We want more if can. He was so cool and funny.

As the session ended early so we had planned to go to J town to buy some goods and things ( padahal semua pon nak beli makanan ). Guess what? After Asar around 6:00PM ( almost Maghrib kan...perasan tak? ) we went to J town. First destination was U-MART. Subhanallah...we can't closed our mouth. We were to shock when saw crowd of people in the supermarket. Since we had arrived there so we proceed with our plan. Too many people makes us uncomfortable plus most of the foods and junkies at the shelves almost finished. So, what left for us? Waaaaa ~ ~ ~ sob sob sob sob T___T 

Few minute later we decided to cancel our plan and went to KFC and get our dinner. And again! Masyaallah...a lot of people were in the line. We had just lost our mood to eat KFC. But...we just queue after thinking for few minutes. Hey! We saw the lecturer who gave us talked at the module session! He was with her daughter. After we had went through all the obstacles we went back to college. From wanted to eat at the KFC, we just take away and had our dinner at college. What a sad situation. All things ruin. Wahhhh! Drama!

At night, we went to mosque at the UiTM together to celebrate the coming Ramadhan. We had performed our terawih prayer and witir with all students. Situation became gloom for a while as everybody thought about their family. Hurmmmm... ---> sesi air mata pon bermula. It will be great if we can celebrate the first Ramadhan with family. One thing! There was a crowd of people. Aiyooo ~ ~ ~ we always face with the same situation meyh. 

Whatever it is, our weekend was not being wasted with unnecessary activity. At least we get something new, information and experience. I hope you guys did the same things too. 

Its time for mumbling! :-

First of all, we The EnigmaticFantabulous team would like to wish you to have a great great and fabolous Ramadhan Al-Mubarak month. May this month brings you more advantages and successfulness. May our good deeds accept by Him.

‎(⁀‵⁀) ✫ ✫ ✫.
☻/ღ˚ •。* ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。
/ \ ˚. ★ ˛ ˚ ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ ˚ 。✰ •* ˚♥

. ┃口┃     ''''人
. ┃口┃   '''''(_____)     . 人    
. ┃口┃  '''(__________)   '(____)   人
. ┃口┃____╭━━━━━╮_____'|_口|______​三
. ┃╭╮╭╮╭╮╭╮╭╮╭╮╭╮ |三||╭╮╭╮ |
. ┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┃┃ |三||┃┃┃┃ |

Light, Camera, Action! :

  • This was during the module during the weekend that we had attended. Above was all the activities that we had carried out during the module.

  • This was at the KFC. Can you see how many people were queuing? Warga Jengka teringin makan KFC di hari yang sama mungkin? Ngeee ~  ~ ~

  • This was during when we went to perform the prayer. wasn't that we wanted to show off. Just wanted to share with our viewers. Oh! Sorry, no male in the picture please as we couldn't took the photo. We were to shame to go in front and snap the photo.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Mid Term Break Activity

Date : 21 July 2011
Day : Thursday
Time : 2:00PM - 3:00PM
Venue : AmanahRaya Investment Management ( ARIM )

Last Thursday, our group members were having completed the Human Resource task which need us to interview the particular non government organization. The interview was about the organization benefits and compensations. Hey! We do dress well and get our best outfit for that day okies. Of course we need to look formal. Extra marks for that! ---> this is what we called work ethics. 

Before we reached there, we were met up at the nearest fast food outlet that was McDonalds. We had gathered at 12:00 noon and having a little discussion before we met the person who incharged. Done with our discussion, we were having our lunch at the Restaurant Rakyat. Do believe this guys as our lunch only cost us RM3.00 per person. Woahhhh ~ ~ ~  ( jangan jealous... )

After we finished our lunch, we went to the AmanahRaya Investment Management building. We waited there until they called us to met the person. Everybody getting nervous. Hahahaha :D It was our first time interviewed the people instead the people itself interview us! Ngeee ~ ~ ~

 The person that we were met was Puan Lili and Puan Nadzirah. They were from Human Resource department of ARIM. We carried out the interview at The Board Meeting Room. We were glad as they were friendly and not too formal while conducted the interview with us. So, no more shaking hands! Hehehehehe (>_<)v We were having two way communication and the questions kept on being asked by us. The answers were specifically details about our topic which make our task more easier. Basically, the benefits and compensation were been given by grading the employees. ---> Surely you don't know this right?

We went home with smile on our face as Puan Lili and Puan Nadzirah did helped us a lot while we carried on our task and interview Thanks mam [!] And of course because we had done with our interview. Do get little time with friends during our mid term break too meyh ~ ~ ~ Thanks for those who had helped us a lot while meeting up our Human Resource task. Millions appreciation. 

Precious moment on mid term break :- 

Candid time! :-

Need to study smart and workout for our next test! ---> Sir had told us that it will be extra difficult. Wahhhh !!! kemain ~ ~ ~ 

Monday, 18 July 2011

Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak - Program Mengenang Tokoh Negarawan Allahyarham Tun Haji Abdul Razak

Okies, our tittle really weird huh? Hurmmm...But we don't really think so. Why? Firstly, because everybody know him right. As he is our Prime Minister. Second was, Hari Peneroka 2011 was be held at Jengka and Datuk Seri was the person who in charged to do the opening at Jengka Mini Stadium. 

UiTM also took part in this biggest celebration but UiTM come out with different event where by we were organized an event called "Mengenang Tokoh Negarawan, Allahyarham Tun Haji Abdul Razak". We know it was not too late for us telling you guys this. Some info for you guys ;

Segi Tiga Jengka was being developed by the late Tun Haji Abdul Razak. Today, Jengka was being look as potential place as well as develop town. In fact, Bandar Tun Abdul Razak, Jengka will be upgraded with more facilities such as mini stadium, sport center, parking lot and many more. This was to benefits all FELDA's residents in Jengka. 

Done with that. Next is Program Mengenang Tokoh Negarawan ; Allahyarham Tun Haji Abdul Razak. It was held at UiTM Pahang started from 7 July till 9 July. Public were invited. Our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was invited to gave some speech for the opening of the program at Dewan Serbaguna UiTM Pahang at 2PM on 7 July 2011. He look tightened when he gave the speech.

On the same day at the evening, Forum Perdana was be held at the same place, Dewan Serbaguna at 10PM. It was a live tv talk program through RTM channel. As usual, public were invited too. It was a crowd there! No kidding! All people, including the students were given their best support towards the program by flooding UiTM DSG. The moderator for that night was Ustaz Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee b. Abdullah and the panels are Ustaz Haji Mohd Ravi b. Abdullah as well as Ustaz Asjad b. Mohamed. 

On 8 July, at 9.30AM, Majlis Bicara Tokoh took place. This program was organized together with Arkib Negara Malaysia. The moderator was YB Dato' Yaakub Isa. The panels were Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin and Tan Sri Datuk Arshad Ayub. The discussion was fully about the late Tun Haji Abdul Razak. The panels that being invited were people who together with the late Tun Haji Abdul Razak during his life. They started to gave information how the late Tun Haji Abdul Razak very committed to his works as well as their experiences for the past years. Lecturers, students, and public are giving their full attention as a lot of new input was been given by the two panels. In fact, people who participated in the program was being rewarded with a book of the late Tun Haji Abdul Razak life. 

During the night, Majlis Bacaan Yassin dan Tahlil was been held at UiTM mosque. Yet, its for the late Tun Haji Abdul Razak, Malaysia's father of development. This is due to remember all his services and efforts to develop a country called Malaysia.

During the events was be held, a lot of booth are being opened up such as FINAS, Istana Budaya, Sahabat 1 Malaysia, Balai Seni Lukis Negara, ASWARA, Muzium Negara Malaysia and many more. Look exciting right? Of course it is. Each booth provided with fun and attractive activities!

Yes! We took part too! At first, we went to Muzium Negara Malaysia booth where we were learned how to make a key chain and how the process of finding the artifact. A lot of information we gain from them. Now we know how to fix the broken glass by using resin! Next, we played traditional games such as congkak and batu seremaban. We also took part in answering quizzes about Bunga Raya history.

On 9 July two more programs were took place which were Ceramah 1 Malaysia and Gen Y. This program being organized was contributed to our father of development, Allahyarham Tun Haji Abdul Razak. As the big event itself called Program Mengenang Tokoh Negarawan Allahyarham Tun Haji Abdul Razak.

Ceramah 1 Malaysia was be held at 9AM but we cannot participated as we got IT test on the same day. But, during the live broadcasting Gen Y show we were joined them together to enliven the show. The panels were our Timbalan Pengarah Kampus Hal Ehwal Pelajar dan Alumni, Encik Mokhtar Samad and Dipertua Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar, Amir Hussein. Overall discussion was about "Mengenang Tokoh Negarawan" and how students and people can applied on their life.

The program was ended on 9 July perfectly. All students and Jengka residents do get a lot of input and information. This program indirectly can strengthen our own identity and appreciate all the kindness from our ancestors.   

Friday, 15 July 2011

This Is New For Our Lovely Customers - Part II

Assalamualaikum and Salam Satu Malaysia. 

Since the Ramadhan is coming over ( cewahh...gitu! ) might get the vision what type of product right? hehehehe... Yes! You are absolutely correct. We will present you with Extra Delicious Yummy Cookies! Auwwwww ~ ~ ~ It is chocolate chips cookies.

Can't wait for that. As our target more to students so don't worry about the price as we will come with affordable price! Any order from the floor now? Hahahaha :D The cookies will be packed with cutey boxes. As the Ramadhan is round the corner you may give this cookies as a souvenir to your friends, family, the love one or anyone you like to. If you want it come with notes just let us know and we will do it for you.

This product are convenient and practical as it is easy to carry and store due to the cutey pack box! Yet, you can eat it whenever you want to as you can bring it to the class or you can eat during 'sahur'. Price started from RM10.00 to RM10.00 + +

Best shot for the post :

Okies...are you attracted with our post? Not yet? Sure? Ah-ha! We know why it is so. No worries! For those who like to order the cookies you may get free taster from us. You may direct go to our General Manager room. ( wow! siap ada bilik tu! ) Hehehehe... Of course her room at kolej siswi. A4-24. Be noted ya. See you in our next post :)

PA - 07

Item : Pashmina
Code : PA - 07
Price : RM22.00
Status : SOLD

This item same like previous item ( PA - 06 ). The different only on the colour. The color is Dark Green.

PA - 06

Item : Pashmina
Code : PA - 06
Price : RM22.00
Status : Reserved

PA - 05

Item : Pashmina
Code : PA - 05
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PA - 04

Item : Pashmina
Code : PA - 04
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PA - 03

Item : Pashmina
Code : PA - 03
Price : RM22.00
Status : Available

PA - 02

Item : Pashmina
Code : PA - 02
Price : RM22.00
Status : Available

PA - 01

Item : Pashmina
Code : PA - 01
Price : RM22.00
Status : SOLD

This Is New For Our Lovely Customers - Part I

Assalamualaikum and Salam Satu Malaysia. This blog might be so quite with stories. Yes yes yes...we know that but we couldn't help it as we were been busy for tests and quizzes. Now we are back with good news. What is the news? We are now presenting you with our new products ! ! !  What type of product?

Our new item for ladies is pashmina. Oppss..sorry boys. We still couldn't get the perfect item for you. If you really want some you may go to our business partner blog where they are selling boyish stuff! No regret ever!!! Do click here for All Rare Blog Shop and click here for Sakan Loco Blog Shop. You may find out something that is really interesting and suit you better :)

Hurmmm..done with promotion. New item for girls was IMPORTED PASHMINA and yes it is 100% PASHMINA! No regret. As people are very excited in fashion so we would like to share with our lovely customers something that can benefit you a lot! 

I ( the marketing manager ) do travel a lot and our group members do like fashion so much! During my trip to Bangkok I had found out things that was so amazed! It was a lovely pashmina. Since the trend now is wearing a fashionable hijab or pashmina so why not we share with you something that is really nice and beautiful.

Will updated you with the price soon!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Panorama on Program Mengenang Tokoh Negarawan Allahyarham Tun Haji Abdul Razak

These was all the activities that been held during the program.

This was during the show of Gen Y live screening at Dewan Serbaguna UiTM Pahang.

Some of the activities we had involved in.

We made a keychain at Muzium Negara Malaysia booth.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Our Activities During Weekends ---> Recent activities + How we manage our free time

Activity 1

Day : Sunday
Date : 3rd July 2011
Time : 8.00 AM  - 10.00 AM
Venue : Kolej Siswi
Activity : Gotong - Royong Activity

On last Sunday, our college having gotong -royong to clean up the surrounding. This is because our campus will have a big, bigger, biggest event where, our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak is coming over on 7th July ( this coming Thursday la weyhhhhh ! ! ! ) hehehe

The activity started on 8 AM but as usual it is hard for us to be punctual. Ngeee ~ ~ ~ After we gathered, we had been divided into groups. There are more than 10 groups if we are not mistaken. Each group are giving task to be done. Our group had to cleaned up all the stairs in our block. There are four part!!! How "rajin" we are on that day. Tralalalala ~ ~ ~ In fact, we are rearranged the bicycle under the stairs plus we wipe out the spider web. After we done that of course it will gave us more job to be done as the dust now are more and even more. Next, we swept the floor. We had got the tallest broom ever. Hahahaha

See...all the girls are so committed with their work. There are mopping the floor, arranging the "McD tables" ( did you have this on your college? Lalalala ~ ~ ~ )  and so on. And there are group of girls that cleaned up the drainage.

After we done with our task, of course we are having our leisure time at the nearest chairs and we started to chat, chat and bla bla bla... ( Gossip Girls Time! ) Suddenly, there was a lady came over and said "Adik dah habis buat kerja ke? Saya nak 10 orang ikut saya." ( and she started counting and just pointed out her finger at us ) Tadaaaaa ! ! !  We are been given with extra job. Did you want to know what it is? Are you? Sure???? Okay... here is our extra non-paid job :-

We had been asked to cleaned up and wipe out all the dust on the windows. A lot of windows tau!!!!! "Kami sangat rajin". As the activity will rewarded the students with coupon ( important license to stay at the college for the next semester ) so all students participated passionately. After we heard the sound of "Dia orang dah bagi coupon!", we finished up our work and went over to the person who gave it!

 Done with coupon, we also being rewarded with Sirap Ais ( air orang kahwin yang warna merah tu... :> ). The day of gotong-royong was ended perfectly. Our college surrounding already shine and extraordinary clean. Hehehehehehe. Next???? Its time for pictures peeps ~ ~ ~ 

The Super Power Extra Hardworking Girls

Activity 2

Day : Sunday
Date : 3rd July 2011
Time : 11.00 AM  - Undefined
Venue : Gambang Waterpark
Activity : Its Time For Relaxation

First of all, we want you to know that we are really extra energetic on last Sunday. Why it is so? Because after we done with "gotong-royong" we went to Gambang Waterpark. As on Friday, all Banking Students were having Human Resource test. So we found out that release our stress was the best way to being next craziest book warm. 

Why we choose Gambang? As its near to our campus compared to Sunway Lagoon and... Our friends want to! It was already been planned earlier and we make it possible on last Sunday. We went there with our other friends ( the boys ) including Syikin's brother. 

We went there by car. Of course the boy's car, Ikram's car as well as Wan's car. We stopped at Maran to having our lunch. Done with "makan-makan", we continued our journey and less than half an hour we managed to arrived Gambang safely.


Main activity ; having fun and swimming la ~ ~ ~  We played all slides that provided by them. In fact, having slides races. Hahahaha ~ ~ ~ The best part was played with the fake wave. ( ala-ala Sunway tu... ) At the evening, we went back to UiTM exhaustedly. After all we really had a good time and enjoyed it. Of course we had our dinner. But we had our dinner at Kuantan as its already near to Gambang.

We arrived at UiTM safely with the smiles on the face and thinking of bed. That is how we cope with boring situation. See you on the next entry then. Bye!