Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Our Activities During Weekends ---> Recent activities + How we manage our free time

Activity 1

Day : Sunday
Date : 3rd July 2011
Time : 8.00 AM  - 10.00 AM
Venue : Kolej Siswi
Activity : Gotong - Royong Activity

On last Sunday, our college having gotong -royong to clean up the surrounding. This is because our campus will have a big, bigger, biggest event where, our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak is coming over on 7th July ( this coming Thursday la weyhhhhh ! ! ! ) hehehe

The activity started on 8 AM but as usual it is hard for us to be punctual. Ngeee ~ ~ ~ After we gathered, we had been divided into groups. There are more than 10 groups if we are not mistaken. Each group are giving task to be done. Our group had to cleaned up all the stairs in our block. There are four part!!! How "rajin" we are on that day. Tralalalala ~ ~ ~ In fact, we are rearranged the bicycle under the stairs plus we wipe out the spider web. After we done that of course it will gave us more job to be done as the dust now are more and even more. Next, we swept the floor. We had got the tallest broom ever. Hahahaha

See...all the girls are so committed with their work. There are mopping the floor, arranging the "McD tables" ( did you have this on your college? Lalalala ~ ~ ~ )  and so on. And there are group of girls that cleaned up the drainage.

After we done with our task, of course we are having our leisure time at the nearest chairs and we started to chat, chat and bla bla bla... ( Gossip Girls Time! ) Suddenly, there was a lady came over and said "Adik dah habis buat kerja ke? Saya nak 10 orang ikut saya." ( and she started counting and just pointed out her finger at us ) Tadaaaaa ! ! !  We are been given with extra job. Did you want to know what it is? Are you? Sure???? Okay... here is our extra non-paid job :-

We had been asked to cleaned up and wipe out all the dust on the windows. A lot of windows tau!!!!! "Kami sangat rajin". As the activity will rewarded the students with coupon ( important license to stay at the college for the next semester ) so all students participated passionately. After we heard the sound of "Dia orang dah bagi coupon!", we finished up our work and went over to the person who gave it!

 Done with coupon, we also being rewarded with Sirap Ais ( air orang kahwin yang warna merah tu... :> ). The day of gotong-royong was ended perfectly. Our college surrounding already shine and extraordinary clean. Hehehehehehe. Next???? Its time for pictures peeps ~ ~ ~ 

The Super Power Extra Hardworking Girls

Activity 2

Day : Sunday
Date : 3rd July 2011
Time : 11.00 AM  - Undefined
Venue : Gambang Waterpark
Activity : Its Time For Relaxation

First of all, we want you to know that we are really extra energetic on last Sunday. Why it is so? Because after we done with "gotong-royong" we went to Gambang Waterpark. As on Friday, all Banking Students were having Human Resource test. So we found out that release our stress was the best way to being next craziest book warm. 

Why we choose Gambang? As its near to our campus compared to Sunway Lagoon and... Our friends want to! It was already been planned earlier and we make it possible on last Sunday. We went there with our other friends ( the boys ) including Syikin's brother. 

We went there by car. Of course the boy's car, Ikram's car as well as Wan's car. We stopped at Maran to having our lunch. Done with "makan-makan", we continued our journey and less than half an hour we managed to arrived Gambang safely.


Main activity ; having fun and swimming la ~ ~ ~  We played all slides that provided by them. In fact, having slides races. Hahahaha ~ ~ ~ The best part was played with the fake wave. ( ala-ala Sunway tu... ) At the evening, we went back to UiTM exhaustedly. After all we really had a good time and enjoyed it. Of course we had our dinner. But we had our dinner at Kuantan as its already near to Gambang.

We arrived at UiTM safely with the smiles on the face and thinking of bed. That is how we cope with boring situation. See you on the next entry then. Bye!

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