Thursday, 28 July 2011

Mid Term Break Activity

Date : 21 July 2011
Day : Thursday
Time : 2:00PM - 3:00PM
Venue : AmanahRaya Investment Management ( ARIM )

Last Thursday, our group members were having completed the Human Resource task which need us to interview the particular non government organization. The interview was about the organization benefits and compensations. Hey! We do dress well and get our best outfit for that day okies. Of course we need to look formal. Extra marks for that! ---> this is what we called work ethics. 

Before we reached there, we were met up at the nearest fast food outlet that was McDonalds. We had gathered at 12:00 noon and having a little discussion before we met the person who incharged. Done with our discussion, we were having our lunch at the Restaurant Rakyat. Do believe this guys as our lunch only cost us RM3.00 per person. Woahhhh ~ ~ ~  ( jangan jealous... )

After we finished our lunch, we went to the AmanahRaya Investment Management building. We waited there until they called us to met the person. Everybody getting nervous. Hahahaha :D It was our first time interviewed the people instead the people itself interview us! Ngeee ~ ~ ~

 The person that we were met was Puan Lili and Puan Nadzirah. They were from Human Resource department of ARIM. We carried out the interview at The Board Meeting Room. We were glad as they were friendly and not too formal while conducted the interview with us. So, no more shaking hands! Hehehehehe (>_<)v We were having two way communication and the questions kept on being asked by us. The answers were specifically details about our topic which make our task more easier. Basically, the benefits and compensation were been given by grading the employees. ---> Surely you don't know this right?

We went home with smile on our face as Puan Lili and Puan Nadzirah did helped us a lot while we carried on our task and interview Thanks mam [!] And of course because we had done with our interview. Do get little time with friends during our mid term break too meyh ~ ~ ~ Thanks for those who had helped us a lot while meeting up our Human Resource task. Millions appreciation. 

Precious moment on mid term break :- 

Candid time! :-

Need to study smart and workout for our next test! ---> Sir had told us that it will be extra difficult. Wahhhh !!! kemain ~ ~ ~ 

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