Friday, 15 July 2011

This Is New For Our Lovely Customers - Part I

Assalamualaikum and Salam Satu Malaysia. This blog might be so quite with stories. Yes yes yes...we know that but we couldn't help it as we were been busy for tests and quizzes. Now we are back with good news. What is the news? We are now presenting you with our new products ! ! !  What type of product?

Our new item for ladies is pashmina. Oppss..sorry boys. We still couldn't get the perfect item for you. If you really want some you may go to our business partner blog where they are selling boyish stuff! No regret ever!!! Do click here for All Rare Blog Shop and click here for Sakan Loco Blog Shop. You may find out something that is really interesting and suit you better :)

Hurmmm..done with promotion. New item for girls was IMPORTED PASHMINA and yes it is 100% PASHMINA! No regret. As people are very excited in fashion so we would like to share with our lovely customers something that can benefit you a lot! 

I ( the marketing manager ) do travel a lot and our group members do like fashion so much! During my trip to Bangkok I had found out things that was so amazed! It was a lovely pashmina. Since the trend now is wearing a fashionable hijab or pashmina so why not we share with you something that is really nice and beautiful.

Will updated you with the price soon!

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