Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Review on Other Blog Shop.

Assalamualaikum viewers...

On our today task , we have been asked to review on other blog shop. What we going to do are to make comparison ; on strength and weaknesses. Two other blog shops will be reviewed by us. They are MJ Accessories and Butik Gadis.


Strength :
  • MJ Accessories did a lot of promotion in term of joining the festival or any occasion by opening their booth at the event.
  • The owner of the blog shop good in dealing with the customers as the customers know well about the product. In fact they are close to each other as the opening booth on events that participated by the owner.
  • It has variety products that can fulfill the customers satisfaction.

Weaknesses :
  • The arrangement of the blog is messy and too pack. Hard for viewers to see the price and the description of the product.
  • The pattern of the accessories is too common. 

Rate :

  Butik Gadis ( ) :


Strength :
  • The necklace pattern is up to date and have their own style that can attract buyers.
  • The blog have variety product to sell and very interesting.
  • Instead,the blog is practical and easy to handle.

Weaknesses :
  • The Butik Gadis do not have much choices for necklace. It is also do not restock the necklace that have been sold out.
  • The blog shop also poor in do the promotion for the accessories product.
  • The blog so dull and too simple as well as not interesting. 

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