Friday, 10 June 2011

The Enigmatic Fantabulous Matters

Hello people. Today, our team would like to share with you our e-business information. We hope, we can build a good relationship with our customers once you get to know us well.

We are here by as UiTM students, Diploma in Banking. We are students at the UiTM Pahang, Jengka Campus. As we are in our part 5 we have IT subject in our syllabus. The Enigmatic Fantabulous being created as this is one of our IT subject project. This is how we are exposed to entrepreneur world. The Enigmatic Fantabulous is a blog shop for all. Our target market not only to the girl but also to the boy. In fact, our target market are to students, lecturers, workers as well as housewife. We are selling various stuff for our customers so that they have plenty goods to choose from. We strive for the best. May The Enigmatic Fantabulous be your chosen and favorite blog shop. Thank you for your support.

Why The Enigmatic Fantabulous?

As we are young and new leaf entrepreneur in e-biz world we try to give you the best expectation. We carry the look of attractive, fresh, confidence, interactive, fun and knowledgeable of our business characters. The Fantabulous word itself shows how we are exciting in doing this job. It is combination of two words; Fantastic + Fabulous. Enigmatic means how vigorous and passion we are in doing business. We try to give you the combination of modern and traditional while doing our business. Your needs is what we looking for.

  • To create an interesting e-biz with exciting atmosphere, various product to choose from and great service where people truly enjoy shopping with us.
  • To satisfy our customers with our products and services while constantly strive with their needs and thoughts.
  • To give ideas to the customers on fashion as well as other general knowledge.
  • To let our customers enjoy the best price while we create profit.

  • To become more successful entrepreneur in e-business in future.
  • Encouraging independence and confidence while do the e-business.
  • Working together as a team.
  • Within the next three months, The Enigmatic Fantabulous will gain the customers trust and enjoy with our products.

Your next e-store,

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