Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Panorama on UiTM Pahang, Campus Jengka (Pt1)

Fuhhh... its weekend again! Such a great moment for us! We are now counting the day to officially open our business. There are many items waiting for you guys out there. Can'y wait for that either! Hope what we serve to you is something that you like it too. No worries boys, your item are being counted too. Like we said before, we strive for both gender :)

Okay, stop mumbling now. No need to say a lot of things. Make it short, clear and happening now! As you are not here so we want you to explore yourself how our campus is look alike. Maybe you want to come here once you had the great time with us.

We want to bring you guys into our UiTM world at Jengka. Let's begin peeps ! ! ! "Masa untuk mencuci mata untuk semua !"

Student's College

  • Student's residents consist of three buildings which are Kolej Siswa, Kolej Siswi and Kompleks. For female students they will be placed at Kolej Siswi and Kompleks. Meanwhile, for male students they will be placed at Kolej Siswa.

Admin Building

  • Admin Building consist of HEA ( Hal Ehwal Akademik ) and HEP ( Hal Ehwal Pelajar ). It is a place for student to refer at about their study or academics affair. It was located at the main entrance of UiTM Jengka.


  • They are so many facilities provided by UiTM such as library, parking lot, cafe, koperasi, medical centre and many more. For non-resident student, they can get bus service if they don't have any transport. In fact, there is also Van Koperasi service that can send or take them form one place to another place which cost them only RM1.00.
  • The Library; Perpustakaan Al-Bukhari operate from 8am to 11pm on weekdays and 9am to 11pm on weekend. Now, the new library is in progress to be open for student. In front of the library, they a place call Taman Tenet. It is like a park. Most of the students go to the Taman Tenet for group discussion or any occasion they like to.

Lecture Hall

  • They are many lecture hall in UiTM Jengka such as Block I and J, Dewan Kuliah 1 and 2, Dewan Al-Farabi, Dewan Ibn-Hazm, Dewan At-Tabari, Cendana Block, Makmal, Factory, Ilqam and so on. This is due to accommodate fairly facilities to the students at UiTM Jengka.

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