Sunday, 26 June 2011

What is your flavor?

Weee... we meet again in our education section. Tralalalalala... As we are student so the process of learning keep on  running as usual. Actually, we are learning all the time. You will lose nothing by learning.

Our topic for today is : Popular Items To Sell Online

  1. Clothing and Accessories. This include shawl, underwear, tops, jeans, skirts, necklace, brooch and etc.
  2. Household furnishings, Decor, or Antiques. Antiques and unusual items rule this group, so don't ever fall into the trap of thinking that something is too retro, too kitschy, or to ugly for eBay. The more unique, or interesting the item, the better it can potentially do.

  3. No-Longer-Used Consumer Electronics. It can be your phone, MP3 player, camera or etc. If the item works, includes all necessary accessories ( charger, cables, and the like ) and is in reasonably good condition, it's a candidate for eBay selling. Just be sure not to get your hopes too high about price as the values reduce in a large amount. You might don't want lose your customer.

  4. Your Hobby or Craft Items. Not everybody born with special gift or talented. You might have the creativity or the super duper cool hobby that can generates income. Handmade goods that show skill and workmanship often draw top ringgit and loyal collectible crowd on eBay. It can be greetings card, knitted stuff, craft or kind of.

  5. Books. This can be one of the hot item to be sell on eBay. The books especially college text book. If you are a student or teacher and interested in selling used or unneeded text books then eBay is the best place for you. 

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