Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Reviews on UiTM Pahang, Jengka Campus

In order to completed our task for this week, we want to share with you opinion of people towards UiTM Pahang, Jengka Campus. We had interviewed several people to completed our interview session as well as question and answer.

Here are some of the respondent that review on our Q & A :

Muhammad Nayan Bin Muhammad Jusoh
Residence Staff, Kolej Siswi

His comments on UiTM :
  • UiTM Pahang residents are not bound with strict rules.
  • Students are free from stress and pressure on study and external environment.
  • Conducive environment to study ; students enjoy and easily to go to class.
  • UiTM is the best university as it is open only for Bumiputera.

 Azelan Shah Bin Mansor
Polis Bantuan at UiTM

His comments on UiTM :
  • UiTM is the only university that provided MDAB ( Mengubah Destiny Anak Bangsa ) program. 
  • It's help Malay poor people that has potential to success in future on their education.
  • In fact, they will be given subsidies to survive at UiTM.
  • UiTM prioritizing the Malay people especially who lived at rural area.

 Cik Zaidatul Nadiah Binti Abu Yazid
Lecturer at UiTM

Her comments on UiTM :
  • UiTM Pahang is one of the university that provide facilities to people.
  • UiTM Pahang also having good and education environment in the rural area.

 Wan Asma Najwa Binti A.Rahman
Student at UiTM

Her comments on UiTM :
  • UiTM Pahang having such a conducive environment for study.
  • The facilities provided for students are also in a good condition and enough for them to use it.
  • Most of the lecturers are seniors as well as come from the industries. This make students easier to understand the particular subject more details as the lecturer got a lot of experiences and  information. 

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