Sunday, 26 June 2011

Learning Tips on E-Bay

Hello peeps!

We are seems to be so shy and silence right. we are no longer to keep silence. Why? Because we want to share something with our next door online shop as well as improve our sales skills. Wah!!! Hehehehe...

Okay, firstly you should ask yourself whether are all stuff that exist in the world can sell through online? For example, is it possible to sell 'nasi lemak' on online? will be possible if you are taking orders from customers for some events. I mean like during the festive season or any ceremony. Next, curry powder or tomato sauce. Is it possible? Haaa...see! Now we know that not all things are suit to be sell online. Make it possible and ridiculous.

To make it your business grow, what you should do are :

  • Is it the products durable?
  • Whether theproducts can be post or not?
  • Whether it is unique to be sold?
  • To whom you want to sell the products?
  • How do you want to sell the products?
Haaa...have you done with this checklist? I'm sure you are not. The 'must-do' list is :

"Analysis yourself ( the seller ) , Market and Buyers"

and the most important thing is :

"Are you able to sell it?"

If you done with those matters, so you are prepare to be online entrepreneur. We are not saying you, you or you are not good enough to be business online entrepreneur. But, we want to share some tips and tricks while you doing your online business.

Like we use to say " Sharing is Caring". May our entri can help you to improve your business guys 

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